“Neuroenhancement helped me get over the loss of my sister. I used to feel like I would never be right again, but I can trust people again and now my relationships have all gotten better, thank you!” – Agnes

“After my brain injury it was like being in a fog, I couldn’t think straight, with bad memory problems and every day was a struggle. Now I am learning calculus and studying to be an engineer.” – Tom

“Before I started neuroenhancement, I struggled with my confidence and finding direction in my life. I learned the skills I needed to improve my self-esteem and make good decisions for a happier life.“ – Sarah

“Neuroenhancement still helps me every day, especially on my sales calls and for presentations. My performance anxiety is pretty much gone.  The optimization algorithms have also sped up my workflow by more than 30% and I regularly exceed my quotas now.” – Jeff

“I used to hate math, because I was scared of the tests. Now I get excited for a test because I sometimes get the highest mark in the class” – Erik (12)

“Having ADD made it nearly impossible to get good grades in University. I have an addictive personality, so I was scared of becoming dependent on stimulant drugs. I was so grateful to discover neuroenhancement, my GPA is up 10 points and my profs have commented on my improvement!”  – Celine

“Neuroenhancement is so cool, I took the Neurohacker program and now I am designing programs for myself and my family.  My Dad lost 10 lbs and my Mom’s on level 8 in dual n-back for her working memory. Thanks Ben!” – Brent

“I was struggling with my gaming, getting the shakes before high pressure matches. Ben taught me how to calm myself down, and his spatial visual tools really improved my aim. I’m now the strat caller for my team and we rose 20 spots in the rankings!” – Cole