Welcome to Prometheon

          Revolutionary advancements in psychology and neuroscience are enabling us to better understand the brain and the mind like never before. How we think about brains is being rewritten, and old notions broken before new revelations. But one fact remains the same.

Knowledge is power. 

          We at Prometheon gather and organize huge quantities of information, transforming it into applicable tools for cognitive enhancement, with the goal of pushing your brain to do more.

          With ever greater demand for fluid intelligence in rapidly changing markets, an emphasis on how well we can think and learn has arisen. Our minds are a commodity, and with the rise of automation, what we know is becoming less important than how we think.

          Alarmingly, prevalence of depression and anxiety have become widespread, with few cost-effective solutions available. Additionally, ADD diagnosis is on the rise, and nearly half of all children diagnosed with ADD will have it persist into adulthood. We aim to change that.

          Every tool in our arsenal is precise in its execution of a real neuroanatomical result. All our modules are drawn from scientific research alone, and no method in our toolkit is absent of rigorous scrutiny. We provide the citations and evidence of our programs to every client in good faith.

          Our proprietary algorithms have selected for the most effective, decentralized, and cost-effective methods in the scientific literature to enhance cognition.

          That means we can offer the lowest price, giving you tools that you can use anywhere.

          Prometheon’s programs have been used to achieve a range of client goals such as decreasing aggression, improving empathy, accelerating creative output, and decreasing anxious equine athletic performance, among many others.

          Because we place our focus on fluid intelligence, our programs must also be fluid in order to deliver the greatest impact where it is needed most.

          Nothing we do is arbitrary, because time is the most valuable thing in life, and we better ourselves in order to seize more of it, not less. With that in mind, our programs can be executed in less than two months.

          We’ve had successful client programs for people who spent years struggling with problems traditional methods were simply not addressing – often racking up costs in the tens of thousands of dollars. We aren’t here to sell you a problem, we’re here to give you the solution.


Our programs include:

  • Focus ADD – Focus, Inhibition, Fluid Intelligence
  • Aging – Rehabilitation, Neuroprotection for Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Emotion – Generalized Anxiety and Depression
  • Process Machine – Productivity and Optimization
  • Performance Anxiety – Winning Under Pressure
  • Neurohacker Training – The Ultimate Guide to Neuroenhancement

All of our programs are now facilitated digitally – so we can deliver service to you anywhere and anytime.  Please contact us for a free quote, or if you have any questions.

We also do pro-bono work, and discounts are given on compassionate grounds and for the purposes of outreach – get in touch with us to find out how we can help.